Guard Dog Defense Inc
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If you want to make money with virtually no effort, continue reading.

If you own a web site, you may become an affiliate of Guard Dog Defense Inc. by placing a special link on your web site. The link is provided to you when you sign-up to be an affiliate. Whenever a customer comes to the Guard Dog web site from the link on your web site, and makes a purchase, you receive up to 15% of the sale.

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Earn Even More Money by being a Guard Dog Distributor

Receive large discounts when you purchase products from Guard Dog Defense in volumes. Place the order using your affiliate link and receive a commission on the sale. Re-sell the products in your local area at retail prices, usually 2 to 3 times the price you paid. Sell them to friends and family, fairs and flea markets, businesses, organizations, apartment buildings, schools, or as a consignment to stores.

To Become an Affiliate
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