Car Alarms and Vehicle Safety

Guard Dog Defense offers unique protection products for your car or truck. The talking car alarm is now back on the market, new and improved. Guard Dog Defense now offers an alternative shock sensing alarm at a new low price. A proven product in vehicle security is the Anti Theft Device that will not permit a car to be started by a car thief. We have other products to help you in an emergency and prevent you from falling asleep at the wheel.  
Some of these products qualifies for reduced insurance premiums from most insurance companies.  
Talking Car Alarm
Talking Car Alarm
The talking car alarm senses shock and electrical current. When armed it will detect someone tampering with your car and warn the intruder in a stern voice.
When it senses repeated or heavy shocks, the voice shouts a warning, then the 127db siren sounds for 30 seconds. It has an instant panic feature with a woman's voice screaming for help and a car finder mode that chirps to help you find your car in a crowded parking lot. It's sensitivity is set by striking your car to set the shock threshold. Once set, any impact greater than the threshold you set will activate the alarm. It can also be operated in non-talking mode using a siren for an alarm and chirps for confirmation.
Talking Car Alarm
It's  simple to install. Just mount the car alarm anywhere under the hood with the three metal screws provided, then clip the power cord to the battery.
Talking Messages
System Armed
System Disarmed
Please Adjust Sensor Now
Thank You
You are Too Close to the Vehicle, Please Move Away
I was Tampered With  (shout)
Please Help Me 
No False Alarms
Instant Panic Protection
Dual Stage Shock Sensor
Current Sensing
Battery Backup
7-Talking Messages
Adjustable Sensitivity
45 Second Exit Delay
Car Finder Function
Includes 1 Remote Control
Lifetime Manufacture's Ltd Guarantee
Toll Free Help Line
AL48 Talking Car Alarm  $69.95
Special Offer.  $54.95 each when you purchase 2 or more
                        additional discounts at volumes of 25 and 100
Made in America
Remote Car Alarm System
Remote Car Alarm System
This is a high tech car alarm that has a remote adjustable dual stage shock sensor and programmable current sensor. It is a self contained one piece design with an ear piercing siren.  The 4 button remote control has a range up to 250 feet, with a full time Panic Button and Remote Car Finder. It has chirp confirmation when arming and disarming and when a violation has occurred.
Remote Car Alarm System
It can be installed in 60 seconds without tools. Simply secure the alarm anywhere under the hood and attach the two clips to the battery.
AL66 Remote Car Alarm System $39.95
Special Offer.  $32.95 each when you purchase 2 or more
                                additional discounts at volumes of  25 and 100
Made in America
Car Theft Evader
Car Theft Evader
This device is wired to the car's electrical system and will disable the car's ignition and electrical circuits when the key is removed from a hidden socket. The keys are coded so only the key provided with this kit will work with your car. Also, each Theft Evader has unique color coded wiring so a thief familiar with this protection device will not be able to determine how to hot wire your car.
Kit includes an extra Key for another driver, and screws for mounting.
The Theft Evader comes with complete wiring instructions. Install it yourself or take it to an auto shop for installation.
AL14  Theft Evader  $21.95
Volume Discount
15% off the purchase of 6 or more
20% off the purchase of 12 or more
Road Side Emergency
Road Side Emergency Kit
A 31 piece Roadside Emergency Kit is an ideal gift for someone who travels at night or in dangerous weather.

The kit includes
Booster Cable, Work Gloves, Tire Pressure Gauge, Flat Head and Phillips Screw Driver, Electrical Tape, Slip Joint Pliers Nut Driver with 10 attachments, Assorted Electrical Terminals and Fuses, and Hard Shell Carrying Case.
Winter Sale
GA16  Road Side Emergency Kit
Special Winter Sale    $12.95
Driver Doze Alarm
Nap Zapper
The Nap Zapper can protect you from accidents due to drowsiness. The Nap Zapper, or Driver Doze Alarm, is worn over the ear. It has an electronic position sensor. When your head nods forward, it sounds an alarm to awake you and alert your passengers.
Volume Discount
15% off the sale price when buying 6 or more Nap Zappers
off the sale price when buying 12 or more  Nap Zappers
AL15N Nap Zapper  $9.95
Steering Wheel  Car Alarm
Steering Wheel Alarm
This alarm locks to your steering wheel, then use the remote control to arm and disarm the alarm. When armed, the LEDs will flash signaling the car is protected. If the alarm senses motion or vibration it will activate a 125dB ear piercing alarm and a flashing strobe light that can be seen up to a quarter mile in the dark. The alarm will automatically reset after 35 seconds when no more motion is sensed. 
AL68  Steering Wheel Alarm  regularly $39.95                  Introductory Price $24.95
No installation required
- Fits any size steering wheel
- Low Battery indicator
- Sensitivity Switch
- Extra locking key
- Set the remote control to
   work with any alarm.
- Set the alarm to work with
   any remote control
- Requires two 9-volt batteries
  not included
- Remote Control Batteries are
- Four Second alarm delay
Volume Discount
15% off the purchase of 6 or more
20% off the purchase of 12 or more
Remote Keyless Entry
Keyless Entry
Perfect for all vehicles that have power door locks. With a small remote control, lock and unlock your vehicle doors. Even open your trunk with a remote control.
Includes Starter Immobilization.

                                     You can't steal what you can't start.

Comes with complete instructions. Install it yourself or take it to your favorite auto shop.
GA62 Keyless Entry System  Regular price 39.95
                      Special Close Out Price  $19.95
Special Close out sale, no returns unless defective
  Most Insurance Companies offer a discount when this
   feature is installed.  Insurance Certificate enclosed
Made in America
Special Close Out Sale Price
Remote Starter
Remore Starter
Made in America
Works with all vehicles with fuel injection and automatic transmission. Provides a 4 button remote control with a 400 foot range. This unit will start and stop your car, lock and unlock your doors, and release your trunk. Keep you car warm by programming it to start at a predefined temperature and run for 5 to 15 minutes.
Installation Kit Includes
VCR Tape
- Test Light
- Wire Ties
- Knife
- Electrical Tape
Install it yourself of take it to your favorite Auto Shop
GA63 Remote Starter  regular price 59.95
Special Close Out Price $39.95
Special Close out sale, no returns unless defective
Special Close Out Sale Price